EGK – Your complementary medicine specialist

EGK - conventional and complementary medicine are treated as equals

Homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine or anthroposophic treatments? These complementary medical treatments are also covered by our basic health insurance.

EGK SUN equates natural medicine to conventional medicine. This also applies to the practitioners: EGK-registered naturopathic practitioners are virtually equal to their colleagues in conventional medicine and can prescribe all covered treatments.

EGK also covers many complementary treatments. These include:

Acupuncture treatments

Anthroposophic, homeopathic and phytotherapeutic remedies

Treatments (such as acupuncture massages, yoga, Bach flower therapy counseling, craniosacral therapy, reflexology therapy, osteopathy or etiopathy treatments, shiatsu, etc.)


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What we stand for

If you are looking for alternative medicine, we do not treat you like a "special case".

We consider insurance solutions that include complementary medicine to be our core objective and we have accumulated extensive experience in this field.

We accept alternative medical treatments by recognized naturopaths, alternative remedies or non-medical psychotherapy treatments.

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Elena Roos, Orienteer

EGK health insurance is not merely there for me when I am sick. They also support me in all other situations. That’s why I feel completely safe.

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